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Top Feature:  Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge !

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Talk about class and super features in a super-slim device and you have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The S7 isn’t all about having a new phone but about rethinking what a phone can do. This is according to the official information provided by Samsung. If the Samsung Galaxy S7 is all about innovation, we need to look at some of its features and functionalities.

Camera: The very first Smartphone camera to deliver clear, crisp photos after dark, the S7 with its professional grade dual pixel sensor makes sure you capture those memories at any time of the day.

Powerful processors/hardware: Running on powerful processors, the S7 makes tasks’ execution easy. Even if you’re a heavy user or game buff; the super fast processor times and battery charging times (despite sporting a bigger battery) mean that your Smartphone will charge faster than ever.

Water and dust resistant: There’s nothing better than having a Smartphone that isn’t affected by water or dust. This gives the user peace of mind as you can rest easy even if your S7 falls in a bucketful of water.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 offers all these and more; it is the Smartphone for those that love high-performance and awesome value.

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Today’s Deal:  Microsoft Lumia 640 !

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Talk about class, functionality, and styling - the Microsoft Lumia 640 tick all the boxes.

Not to be confused with the Nokia Lumia, the Microsoft Lumia 640 is in a class of its own.


Space: With inbuilt 8 GB memory size and microSD expandable size up to 128 GB, you can’t want for space for your unique videos, games, graphics, and apps. Most complain about ‘space’ problem, but not with the Microsoft Lumia 640 which has this in abundance.

Camera: Not done, the Lumia 640 boasts of an 8 megapixel main camera for real sharp pictures for such a slim 5-inch mobile device. If you’re ready to capture memories, the Microsoft Lumia 640 is your veritable partner.

Office on the go: We all want the best mobile phone deals that will deliver to us great mobile devices at competitive prices. We know we have the best mobile phone deals when our mobile device come with Microsoft Office tools, Skype, and cloud storage – OneDrive. We are sure that edits will be easy, communication crisp, and picture and video picture perfect.

Great performance: The SnapDragon processor with amazing speeds coupled with a 2500mAh battery mean that you can achieve more in less time without having to bother about how long the battery will last for.

Cortana: Cortana is the inbuilt personal assistant (voice) that helps to make your day special. From getting reminders about a proposal to defend, to getting traffic directions to a cook-out, you have a mobile device that acts as a guide and assistant at the same time.

What could be better? All these and more are staples in the Microsoft Lumia 640.

The only downside - for some - to this awesome mobile device is that its screen may not be wide enough for users to truly get the best out of it. However, who wants that? That simply means they want a Lumia tab, right?

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